This is me

Powerful words hey..

Usually the words that land you in shit, but for the better part of them, they define you.

All your life you go around introducing yourself to people saying ” hello my name is … and I’m from…” but that is what we’re taught to say.

I guess you could say I’m struggling with an issue which if I could mention some symptoms, a smart guy will diagnose me with a label, an illness of some sort.

-Pfft humans-

I am me, an individual ,who is trying to live this so called life to the fullest but without the guidelines of the rules to follow. I am also quite certain that someone out there can relate and that’s why I’ve decided to create a blog.

I mean I know everyone starts blogs to be heard and / to reach out to people and share a unique message to the readers out there. Most blogs give you a sense of enlightenment and a heart felt energy as you read about others passions , desires and personal experiences.

I want to reach out and break my walls down completely to discover my true self ( not that anyone should care) but by the time I stop blogging I want to be able to finish my sentence

I am ……

Till our next encounters