Modern life has changed drastically from how things used to be, but the customs and values of love however have changed too. As a little girl I used to love watching “old movies” as the love there was pure. There was always a sense of dignity and respect and assurance that your heart would be well taken care of, the sad truth however is that you wake up to realize that it’s all a show. Make up , money and action!!

Real life isn’t always like that ! You encounter hate and misery! Misfortune and a whirlwind of emotions that usually end up hurting someone else.I started to wonder whether this life was actually worth living for and all of a sudden I was hit with an unexpected curve ball , a ray of light in my misery and it changed my life. I was no longer waking up daily with the usual routine, I was no longer just surviving, I was living.

At first I was unsure , it kinda just happened you know . My very own railroad of love , so close to my heart yet separated by the distance continents so generously provided. I can almost explain the exact feeling I had when it happened.

The feeling, I would guess was the same as the earth felt as the morning darkened sky starts to light up as the luminous sun rays spreads throughout. At first shy lacking warmth, and then this invincibility mode that spreads warmth to all. There would be an occasional cloud that would try to bring the darkness back yet a little wind did the trick to blow it over.

It was just like the movies I tell you, but better! It was my profound future .

What I meant to say , excuse the babble in the beginning, is that I have found someone who makes me feel as though I’m always experiencing a sunrise. There are cloudy days yet a little wind waves past and spreads warmth into my heart.

Distance separates us but our hearts connect us.

Till our next encounters